What will I experience during my Mobicoach lesson?

During your Mobicoach lesson, you will be connected to your coach through a live VOIP call as well as live streaming video. You can talk with and see your coach during the entire session and vice-versa.  You coach will ask you to take swings, show your posture, grip, setup position, etc. and help you correct whatever issues you are experiencing.

The Mobicoach service uses DisplaySync™ to mirror the coaches app to your Mobicoach app. On your screen, you will be able to see the coach scrolling through your swing video and marking up the parts and positions of your swing with lines, circles and notes. This real-time visual instruction paired with the voice call provides a live learning experience.

Your coach will advise you on the parts and positions of your swing that need improvement – your stance, your grip and across all five checkpoints of your swing. Your coach will take you through the lesson instructing you on adjustments to make to your swing. With every swing, your coach will be able to see the changes and improvements in your technique. Compare-mode on both your iPad and the Coaches iPad enables the coach to see every video side-by-side so he/she can easily see the changes from the first swing through the last.

At the end of the lesson, your coach will provide you with advice on practice drills that you can do to master what you’ve learned. If you like your new coach, you can plan to schedule another lesson with the coach to work on other aspects of your swing that need work. 

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