How does SwingTIP auto-video capture work?

Hands free video recording! Mount your phone/tablet on a tripod so you can capture videos of your swings, along with audio notes.

  1. Tap on the video camera icon on the Swing page to enter the capture video screen.
  2. Position yourself in the desired position in front of the front-facing camera.
  3. When you take a swing and hit a ball, SwingTIP uses Bluetooth to activate your phone’s video camera to record your swing as well as the audio recorder. With audio, you can record a comment with the video on anything you like (e.g. ball flight, course being played, how your swing felt, etc.)
  4. SwingTIP auto-clips the video to capture only your swing and no non-essential footage. A progress bar will show you that the swing is being saved.
  5. Once the swing is fully loaded, SwingTIP will auto-play the recorded swing for your review. Or you are free to capture another swing (no need to push any buttons!).
  6. You can also easily share your video by tapping the Email Icon which lets you email it to friends or post the video to Facebook.


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