Where does the SwingTIP attach to the golf club shaft?

The SwingTIP holster clips onto a club shaft ¼ inch below the grip (the sensor slides into the holster). Your SwingTIP needs to be properly oriented onto the club shaft in order to report accurate swing data. Built into the holster is an alignment tool (sight lever). Lift-up the sight lever, look through the center hole, and visually align the lever with the grooves on the face of the club head, so that the lever is parallel with grooves. Once aligned, close the sight lever, and secure the clamps around the club shaft.

SwingTIP should be mounted to the top side of the shaft of the club so that when you are standing in the address position, you should be looking down at the blue SwingTIP logo.

The holster should be mounted, so that the white club on the side of the holster is mounted in the same direction as the club it is being mounted to.

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