My Android device running 4.2.2 Android software is paired with my SwingTIP sensor but will not connect in the SwingTIP app. What should I do?

Google introduced a new Bluetooth stack in 4.2.2 that can from time-to-time cause connectivity issues between the SwingTIP application and the sensor. Please follow the steps below to re-establish connectivity between the application and the sensor.

  1. Exit the SwingTIP app – tap on your mobile devices Back arrow until you reach the main desktop.
  2. Reset the SwingTIP sensor – tap and hold on the SwingTIP sensors power LED for approx. 7 seconds until the LED turns a momentary solid Amber before starting to flash an alternating Amber / Green in discovery mode
  3. Restart the SwingTIP application – tap on the SwingTIP application icon to start the app while the sensor is flashing in discovery mode
  4. Confirm sensor is selected in Settings menu in the SwingTIP app –
    • Tap on the three bars in the upper left hand corner of the app to go to the main menu
    • Tap on Select Sensor
    • Make sure the radio button to the right of sensor ID is highlighted. If not, tap on it.
  5. Return to the Swing page and connect sensor to application
    • Tap on the return arrow of your mobile device to go back to the main application menu
    • Tap on the Swing icon

Note: If after a minute, the sensor has still not connected with the app. Please repeat steps: 1, 2, 3 and 5.

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