How do I setup on the day of my Mobicoach lesson?

On the day of your lesson, here are the detailed instructions to start your lesson:

  • Setup your iPad so that the front facing camera can see your entire swing or movement.  Most coaches will want the iPad placed behind you so that they can see down the target line.  E.g. Set the camera so the coach would be able to set the ball flight.
  • Once you have the camera setup, open the Mobicoach app and login.  Once you login you will receive a session reminder at 10 minutes before your session, 5 minutes before your session, and again at the session start time.
  • When the session star time arrives, tap on “Join Video Call” at the bottom of the screen to be connected to your coach.  Note: The “Join Video Call” button will not appear until your session start time arrives.

Please download and review the Mobicoach iOS App Guide for additional information.

Please download and review the SwingTIP iOS App Guide for all of the specifics. – See more at:


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