How do I charge my SwingTIP sensor?

Using your fingernail, pull-back one corner of the rubber cap on the bottom of the SwingTIP sensor. Charge your SwingTIP using the micro-USB cable provided in your package. Plug the small-end of the cable into your SwingTIP and the large-end into any USB computer port or use a USB to AC adapter to charge SwingTIP via a standard wall socket (tip: use the AC Adapter supplied with your Apple or Android device).

Please allow for up to 2-hours to fully charge your SwingTIP. Once plugged in and charging, the LED on the SwingTIP sensor will turn a solid amber color. Once, the sensor has been fully charged, it will turn green. Upon removing the power cable, press and hold the power button for 7 seconds to reset your unit. An Amber LED light will illuminate, followed by a flashing Amber/Green.

Note: Before every use, please remember to fully charge your SwingTIP for at least to 2-hours. For the best results, we recommend using a USB to AC adapter to charge SwingTIP via a standard wall socket. If charging via a computer USB port, please note that most computer operating systems require that the computer be on, plugged-in and not in sleep-mode.

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