Can I transfer data from the SwingTIP app to my computer?

No, the Micro-USB cable can only be used to charge the SwingTIP sensor.

Within the SwingTIP app, you can easily share your swing videos via email or post to Facebook. You can also create scorecards in the Review section that can be emailed to the persons of your choosing.

If you want to share screen shots of your 3D Swing animations (target, front, top), you can press the buttons on your phone or tablet that enable you to take screen shots. These will be saved in your Camera Roll or Saved Photos where you can share them out via email or any other social network.

You can “sync” all of your impact metrics data from the SwingTIP app to your account using a wi-fi or cellular connection. You account features a Dashboard that shows your overall scores and progress against your goals. You can also run reports to see your progress over time (by club-type and impact metric).

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