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SwingTIP — Golf Swing Analyzer Sensor and App

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SwingTIP is the industry’s most affordable, effective and easy-to-use mobile golf swing analysis and training tool on the market. It's a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensing device that clips onto your golf club shaft. It works with free mobile apps (iOS and Android) so it can capture, record and analyze your swing to display a 3D animation and video recording of your swing alongside key impact metrics and instructor-style analysis.

* Works with the SwingTIP iOS App MobiCoach real-time, remote coaching service feature.


1 – SwingTIP wireless sensor
1 – SwingTIP golf club shaft holster clip
2 – Fitting shims for smaller shafts
1 – Micro-USB charging cable
1 – Free account at (set goals, track your performance, book MobiCoach live remote coaching lessons)
2 – Free mobile apps for download (iOS and Android)


Android compatibility (OS 4.0+) – Phone or tablet. SwingTIP does not work on all Android phones. If you can download the app onto your mobile device, then you're all set.

Apple iOS compatibility (iOS 7.0+) – iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 6, 6s, 6s+; iPod Touch 5th Generation; (download iPhone app and x2 to view it on your iPad Air, iPad 2, iPad Mini).

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