Founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley, Mobiplex® is a leader in mobile sports performance technology. The creator of the award-winning SwingTIP golf swing analyzer, the company has developed Mobicoach™, the world’s first real-time, remote coaching platform that connects coaches and students using wireless, mobile and cloud-based technology. The Mobicoach iPad app for students and Mobicoach Instructor iPad app provide an affordable and convenient way for sports enthusiasts to receive real-time instruction– anytime, anywhere.
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Mobicoach is the world’s first live, remote coaching service that brings sports instructors and students together via a mobile-to-mobile learning experience. With the Mobicoach service, golfers and fitness enthusiasts can get access to world class coaching in as little as 15 minutes – anytime, anywhere. This new powerful teaching tool, launched earlier this year for golf, has already become an indispensable tool at some of the world’s most renowned golf academies, including Nicklaus Academies and Troon Golf Academy. The app’s easy-to-use interface make it possible for a coach to interact with a student much like they would in person, using live and recorded video, as well as 2-way whiteboarding tools to visually explain concepts and drills. The videos and corresponding analysis captured during the session are also available post-session and can be revisited over and over again for the ongoing benefit of both the instructor and student. The solution is also supported by a comprehensive backend for instructor selection, appointment scheduling and secure payment.

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Designed with PGA Pros, SwingTIP® is the industry’s most affordable, effective, and easy-to-use mobile golf swing analysis and training tool on the market. SwingTIP is a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensing device that clips onto a golf club shaft right below the grip. It works with free mobile apps (iOS and Android) so it can analyze and record a golfer’s swing in real-time. For every swing, golfers can capture a video and 3D animation (three angles) of their swing alongside key impact metrics. Instructor-style Analytics pinpoint 9 power and plane flaws, and provide instruction tips and videos on proper technique. Scorecards and a free account track and chart a golfer’s personal goals and performance results over time. To learn more, go to How it Works.