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Simply download and register your free SwingTIP app to connect with a world class MobiCoach instructor for live video instruction and analysis from your iPhone or iPad.

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Remotely connect with your coach for instant analysis and feedback. Have a collaborative coaching session from your living room with both voice conversation and live video.

Plus, video capture allows for easy playback and review, along with multi-speed playback, your coach can instantly whiteboard on your video and illustrate what needs improvement on your very next swing.

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The MobiCoach service includes a growing roster of top golf coaches from institutions such as Jack Nicklaus Academies, Troon Golf Academy, Jeff Ritter Golf and many more.

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MobiCoach allows you to choose your time and place. Start by creating a free online account to review coach bios, rates and availability.

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Continue to improve in between sessions with SwingTIP

Between coaching sessions, continue to analyze and perfect your golf swing with SwingTIP, a Bluetooth-enabled motion sensor that attaches to your club. This little, smart device transmits real-time golf swing analysis to your iPhone®, iPod Touch®, iPad® or Android™ mobile device.

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